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[RCT2] NieSch's coaster designs

I forgot that the Wing Coaster track design existed. Which is somewhat ironic since I had plans to make one myself at some point.

Looks great anyway. Looking forward to the download.
^Click to visit my downloads page.  Most recent additions: House of Pandamonium II, Dual Invasion (Octopus/Basilisk), Spooky Splasher
Coasters in the picture: Grand Zephyr, Wyvern, Perilous Pipeline, Bushmaster

[Image: AhJ9753.png]

Click to enlarge.

[Image: 62uN76C.png]

CS used:

- Wing coaster cars by X7123M3-256
- Xtreme97's supports 2014


The .zip file contains a saved game and a track file. The track file is for Open RCT2 only. The saved game should work with normal RCT2 as well. Smile
[Image: ?url=i.imgur.com%2F2sDmsvu.png]
Jitterbug Bob

[Image: SwcSOVb.png]

Click to enlarge.

[Image: YuTZcuv.png]

>>Download.<< Smile
[Image: ?url=i.imgur.com%2F2sDmsvu.png]
Nice rides! Good job.
Resuming regularly scheduled programming!
Nice to see you back NieSch Smile
Your work is always fun to see

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