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RCT3 Peeps stop riding!!

Hey all,

I am hoping someone can reply with some good advice. I tend to build rather large parks in Sandbox mode. I notice up to a certain point my rides have long lines and lots of riders. Then it seems once the park goes beyond a certain size the rides have few people riding them, and there certainly no queue lines. In one park I have over 2300 peeps and in the other I have over 3300 but many are just walking around.

What changes in the game's 'thinking' once the park becomes very large that causes the peeps to stop riding? I would love to see a large park with lots of activity on the rides.


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It sounds like what’s happening is that the game engine is evenly spacing the park guests among all the rides you’ve built which would explain why it seems there are less guests in the queues the bigger the park gets.

You’ve probably got the same number of guests queuing but as you expand your park they’re spread out over that many more queues.

Another thing that will make your park look like there are few guests queuing is if you add a pool complex. A big enough pool will swallow 1,000 guests, it won’t look like that many in the pool particularly if lots of them are queuing for the pool rides, and of course guests in the pool aren’t in the queues. The game won't count guests as in the pool complex if those guests are heading for or queuing for the pool rides.

Another problem could be that you are using game generated guests which will spend a lot of time meeting with group or waiting for group. This characteristic gets worse in a larger park. Also they seem to occasionally collect on a single path square in their hundreds either waiting, meeting or lost. Make sure this hasn’t happened.

If you miss those great long queues that we used to see in RCT1 and RCT2 it will do well to remember that those games never used guest groups. If you create loads of guests with Peep Factory and include few or no guest groups with your custom guests you’ll see a difference in your queues.
I always have this problem with my parks. Sadly I just let it go, too bad it makes my rides feel like a ghost town.

The long lines in the first 2 games were always a joy to see. It was funny to see hundreds of guest in line for a Log Flume and Carousel. That is why I loved the first 2 games so much
Thanks!! I'm going to lean on the guest groups. I only have created one, personally - but there seems to be lots of groups in the parks which I think are what you mean by game generated guests. I'm going to see about shutting that off and see what happens. I also think the pool complex may be playing a part, but in one of my two huge parks there is no pool complex yet I'm still having this issue.

Crossing my fingers the guest groups show a difference. I'll respond again once I've had a chance to play with it.

Like nathan says... it kind of sucks after all those hours put into developing a park to see nobody doing much of anything with the attractions. haha
(Aug 14, 2013, 02:54 PM)Albatross68 Wrote: Thanks!! I'm going to lean on the guest groups. I only have created one, personally - but there seems to be lots of groups in the parks which I think are what you mean by game generated guests. .....

In my experience most and sometimes all of the game generated guests arrive at the park in groups. This happens whether or not we create our own groups.
There seems to be one further option to consider. Today I was searching for some information and came across DVHardware.net. On one of the web pages I noticed this information, posted by LSDsmurf in 2004 and listed as a “general” RCT3 update (I’ve copied and pasted this text below):

Based on players' feedback, several balancing changes have been introduced to make the game a little more forgiving, especially with regard to peeps who won't ride the rides. But be aware, peeps will still not go on rides if their basic needs are not met; you MUST take steps to ensure the basics (food, money, and toilets) are provided for your peeps so they can continue to enjoy spending their money in your park.

Hmmm ….. perhaps you could zoom around your park and check out some stats to see if your guests are really happy.

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