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5 Year Plan Predictions for your home park/any park

This has been on TPR for a while, I thought we can have it here Smile

You are the president and whatever you present to the CEO of the chain will be approved for your 6 year plan (2015-2020) for your two home parks. I say a 6 year plan instead of 5 cause some parks have pretty solid rumors for this year, so if your park has a solid rumor use that as your 2015 plan. What would you do (make realistic)?

Six Flags Great America: 
2017: Larson Super Loop in old Ropes Course place by Demon
2018: Premier Skyrocket II in Ragin' Cajun spot
2019: Hurricane Harbor expansion
2020: Big Thrill Ride
2021: Park Improvements, Kiddie Ride Expansion

Cedar Point:
2017: A Triotech Dark Ride, we are probably going to see these at most Cedar Fair parks anyway, but with Cedar Point being the 'Best Amusement Park in the World' and after Valravn it will probably happen.
2018: Family/Thrill Rides, their last one was Windseeker in 2011, maybe like an Air Race.
2019: Remove Mean Streak. Soak City expansion
2020: 150th Anniversary, RMC Mean Streak
2021: Remove Dinosaurs Alive

Holiday World:
2017: Splashin' Safari Expansion
2018: New Shows and Barrel Roll on Voyage with new Timberliner trains
2019: B&M coaster
2020: Mack Splash Battle
2021: Family Coaster

Kings Island:
2017: Triotech Dark Ride
2018: B&M Giga, 3rd in the Cedar Fair chain
2019: Family Rides, Park Improvement
2020: Thrill Ride
2021: Soak City Expansion

Six Flags St Louis:
2017: RMC Steel Hybrid of the Boss
2018: DC Super Friends
2019: Hurricane Harbor expansion
2020: B&M Wing Clone of X-Flight replacing Tidal Wave
2021: New Shows and Park Improvements
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