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(WIP) A City Scenario

I had this idea a lil' while back. This scenario takes place in the downtown of a city, building space is limited, but guests will crawl out of the woodwork.

I'm trying to make it challenging (it is a scenario...) yet fun at the same time.

You can't remove the buildings, nor build on top of them.

Here is a work in progress, some photos of my progress. I haven't thought of a name either.
[Image: AD4E6D80FAF80AA0EAFCBF11DBD4D41BAE03262C]

[Image: EE88A1902FB2310DF52A6DE56487A63FD4C60BD9]

[Image: 62AEB556F81EF93D0670C9ED894782B0F933C623]

[Image: 3C607759F9D38C44E9F3946B3CA7DAFA0F5B0FE5]

No custom scenery, both expansions required.
This is obviously outstanding! Eek Cant wait for more! Smile
I love parks right by and in cities. Really looking forward to seeing more.
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Little bit of progress.
[Image: 0D9B79689EA42D72960D9DA6598A5F16B8E71E83]
[Image: 4CCCF936E32B36D1B809D79A02C94B8882AC74FC]

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