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River Ridge Amusement Park

Wow, looking interesting! I can't wait for the new coaster. May you use my Silver Star (Europa Park) CT when I finish?
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City of Smithfield Approves Massive Park Expansion

Today, I attended a city planning meeting, where Mark Shapiro outlined the park's expansion plan for next year, albeit general. Mark talked about two new "attractions" which would break the 100ft. mark, which requires a permit, another topic was a permit to construct over a body of water. In the end, the park received all the necessary permits for the coming year. In news for this year, The American Swing received a permit to be removed. But before the meeting, I went to the park.

[Image: RCT3plus2014-07-1012-59-32-222_zps42872218.jpg]
The park was pretty empty today, considering it was a Wednesday.

[Image: RCT3plus2014-07-1013-00-02-677_zps7285f6af.jpg]
Mark said that The American Swing would be airlifted as one-single piece and would be broken apart at a remote location.

[Image: RCT3plus2014-07-1013-00-37-633_zps58c28817.jpg]
Soon, we'll begin seeing a new part of the park come to life!

[Image: RCT3plus2014-07-1013-00-52-388_zps58bdba2f.jpg]
There's so much space, so little time!

[Image: RCT3plus2014-07-1013-01-03-997_zps1e59d723.jpg]
The nice fence and sign are now replaced with a wooden construction fence.

[Image: RCT3plus2014-07-1013-02-06-238_zpsff30a6a8.jpg]
In other news- INSANE is now closed as a precautionary measure, due to an incident with a similar model coaster.

[Image: RCT3plus2014-07-1013-03-34-814_zps6b21ec81.jpg]
I got this picture from American Scream, it's the new maintenance bays which are now open!

[Image: 1_zps39b16dc0.png]
What's this?

when is the park going to be available to download?
[Image: 3738159.jpg]
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(Oct 17, 2015, 01:58 PM)ajdauber Wrote: when is the park going to be available to download?

I would pm the creator.
River Ridge is dead. Thanks for your interest, but I've decided not to continue this park.
I still find it funny how this park coincidentally has the same name as my high school

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