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sketch Book

This is a bit quiet over at SGW but here you guys can share anything you draw I guess...
I'll start off with my toofless (heh)
[Image: hEWReUV.jpg]
I find your in-ability to amuse me... depressing.
I better start sketching my Asian casino mod for SimCity(2013)
http://tobiaslindsay.wix.com/-lemurs-eighteen :my website
Oh gawd I can't draw something if it saved my life.
[Image: AMUDExV.png]
I'm bringing this thread back.

Here is my drawing of my name, and stuff that I can draw well. I'm still working on it though Smile

[Image: 45uNyT3.jpg]
I need a new signature.
I can't draw like, at all. I think a dog could do better than me.
That feel when you don't have a signature.

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