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Wright Terrace Gardens

(Aug 27, 2014, 01:01 AM)Cheleste Wrote: CSF had made some Neon-CSO-Set's for RCT3!

- CSF Neon Lighting Set
- CSF NLS Lift hill expansion
- CSFNeonLightingSetRecolorableLightingEmitters

If i am right the standart set should have all variants of neon tubes, vertical, horizontal and diagonal.
The Lifthill Expansion has some diagonal parts in it, only sloped ones but maybe you can create not a "line" around the pool, but a zig-zag version is possible.
Or you use only neon spots from the other sets to give the pool and other things an "eye-catcher" look Biggrin


CSF Neon Lighning Set

CSF NLS Lift Hill Expansion

CSF Neon LighningSet Recolorable Lightning Emitters

Lg Cheleste

PS: the screens are nice, as allways Smile

Yeah, thanks for the suggestions buddy, I was really disappointed that the one piece I needed, diagonal on the horizontal plane was not there, so I'll definitely be looking through your links and might just settle for a few neon dots as you suggest.

Here is a new concept for the restaurant next door...

We start with these pillars...

[Image: 2cmr8gp.jpg]

Here I used some of the neon I do have, the sloped ones...

[Image: 20acjms.jpg]

I really didn't have a firm idea or a theme or name for this place, it's semi-formal dining on the upper floor with a more relaxed and piano bar atmosphere down below...

But I did have a rough idea of the design, so let me present "Akimbo" and you might see why I chose that name...

[Image: lh3yu.jpg]

They look like a pair of widgets and might prove as unwieldy to fit in to the design, lol.

[Image: 10f6fpf.jpg]

[Image: 55o51v.jpg]

(Yeah, just call me Jon Taffer. Cool)

Something else I need to find and perhaps I have some, but we have always needed more flat roof glass than the hydroponic game glass, they always seem to forget that piece.

Thanks for the help my friend, I see so many with better scenery than mine, mine's kind of dated, like I need a better palm tree set for this build, also some home furnishings are always needed!

Thx Smile
Looks nice with the neon application Smile

For some furniture, check out:
- stationjimjrHotel Things

Palm/tropical trees? As you wish!:

- Old-Spice's Tropical Trees
- Old-Spice's Palm Trees v2
- Old-Spice's Trees
- Old Spice's Vegetation Set
- Old-Spice's Trees N' Plants
(Old Spice's Sets are very nice and useful for foliage and one of the most used CSO's)

for more vegetation, you can use:
- stationjimjrGardening
- stationjimjrGardening2

Sry, no links.
But it shouldn't be hard to find some if you use google. Wink
(all cso-names are copys from my "themed" folder)

Lg Cheleste
My Feedback can hurt like a
[Image: attachment.php?aid=4698]
looks modern this new restaurant but still I say its a dressy affair and expensive cuisine
http://tobiaslindsay.wix.com/-lemurs-eighteen :my website
(Aug 27, 2014, 12:49 PM)Pineracer Wrote: looks modern this new restaurant but still I say its a dressy affair and expensive cuisine

Yes, I think you're right, it will be pretty high living. Smile

Now, after a couple days and many versions I was able to come up with a roof for the crazy structure, it was important that those two beams over the main floor be left intact...

So here is the main floor, it still needs a few do-dads and trim and shrubbery, but is shaping up into a pretty swanky joint!

[Image: 30124o2.jpg]

[Image: 2dayvx3.jpg]

[Image: 4puuq8.jpg]

I'm going to trim that entranceway with neon too ^, but neon, like rockery and fountains is something I try and use sparingly, it is tempting to go overboard and lose your sense of good taste!

It needs quite a bit of work, here is the lower section with a modest stage, the kitchen hasn't been worked on at all yet...

[Image: 2hpj6o7.jpg]

I was very tempted to just leave the place open air with no walls.

But overall it is making a nice addition to the complex...

[Image: vhgchx.jpg]

Thx Smile
that makes the resort more for couples and stuff, cant wait to see what VIP's come to your park
http://tobiaslindsay.wix.com/-lemurs-eighteen :my website

That looks really good!

You have a talent for modern design looking structures.
Keeping up this work! Smile

Soo long, Cobra Cool
Keep it everytime fair and with enough respect for each other!

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