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Project: Superheroes Park

So: Im new and I wanted to introduce this idea I had.
This is my first proper park and I'm going to put a lot of effort into it! Hope you like it. Stay tuned for more.
I am making a park based on superheroes, super villains and that sorta stuff. It would be marvel world but i had to include superman and batman because they are too cool. So it's called: "Comic World: Heroes and Villains."
I will update very regularly with small updates and lots of pictures. At the moment I don't have access to CS but, fingers crossed, I should get access to them soon, or at least I will, 'custom scenerise it up' before the grand opening and add these as special updates! (Don't ask why I can't at the moment).
Speaking of the grand opening, I'm going to announce that date on my third post!

What's your opinion? Please follow and give me feedback. Smile
Comic World: Heroes and Villains.
The work begun today, real life the 30th of October, but June Year 1 in the park.

Soar through the city on Spiderman, face Batman's nemesis the Joker if you dare, Help Superman in his epic battle in Krypton and even face all the Avengers in real life! Comic World is where all the action is happening!

I do not have any custom scenery as of yet so there is lots still to do!
First Update: The entrance and Car park.

A Ground View Below:
And this one shows the area I have planned for the entrance building (first update of which should be in the next two posts!)

Car park: you may notice the cars (you should do! Smile ) already put in. I know. Any good ideas on how to make it look a bit better without custom scenery. Appreciated!

Next update soon!
Update 1: Comic World: Heroes and Villains.
In the 1st month, Comic world has started its first area, The City.

The City, the entrance to the park, the centre of the park, hosts skyscrapers and modern city life. But there is known trouble in this area, Venom roams free and their are rumours of the return of the green goblin! But fortunately, Spiderman soars around the skyscrapers to help ensure the safety of the public, don't worry! The City is starting to rise, hosting the park's travel, a monorail and a land train shuttle, but also boasts the entrance building. Within the skyscrapers, the owners of the park hope to install a small hotel or lodging facility, but this has been quoted as "a second priority." I was speaking to the creator and owner of the park, Leo Smalling, yesterday and managed to get a few photos of the entrance building, monorail and land train shuttle! Enjoy Smile

Land Train: The other two stations stretching down the park
The 1st station and its building below
With the roof finally!
The second station. No building yet. Leo told me that this will change soon
The first station, showing the monorail entrance and exit.
Leo told me that the monorail will go all around the park but will be the last thing ready before the grand opening. (He wouldn't tell me when that is, but promised to tell me next time! cant wait! Wink )

The entrance building: Leo showed me a special picture of its base and foundations! Lucky me!

The park so far!
Birds eye view.
A side view

The park is coming along very well. So: a few teasers for next time! Wink

Next update soon Smile
Looks promising. It's good that you added a parking lot to add some realism. I hope to see this park once the scenery (custom or not) starts popping up. Are you looking at some reference images? maybe look at Islands of Adventure to get a good set of references for your park. or another park like Warner Bros. Movie world in Germany or Australia
I made something comic themed once. Bad decision on my part. Took forever to find CS, and I'm still not quite satisfied with the results. You seem to be doing much better than I was, so good luck! Try to keep up the good work!
- Just an add on to what KaiRubix said; some inspiration ride-wise could be The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Ride, or Green Lantern (@SFGA). I'd say Battle For Metropolis but that isn't even open yet, and would be rough to make something even somewhat similar.
It looks good. Keep it up and make sure you do a couple dark rides cuz they should be cool. Also, im trying to upload a park and I was wondering if someone could tell me what file to upload the normal one or the .dat.bak

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