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Queensberry Park

I"M BACK! I have been gone for so long now. Since I have been gone I have bought a new computer and with it, I am able to start building parks again. The first park I am creating is Queensberry Park. Very unoriginal title, I know.

[Image: Shot0007_zpscba283be.jpg]
This is the first thing you will see upon entering the park. Inside the buildings are shops to buy food and accessories.

[Image: Shot0008_zpsfba7a6ea.jpg]
This has the train station and the small building houses a toilet for the guests.

[Image: Shot0012_zps73990b47.jpg]
Inside the train station

[Image: Shot0013_zps4cb267d1.jpg]
A bit of a kids/fantasy area

[Image: Shot0018_zps763e55dc.jpg]
An overview of the first stage of the park

The station in the distance will become part of a swampy area. Keep watch for updates!
Wow! Very impressive! I like the kids area, its cute and nice and looks very family friendly. Keep at it!
Thank you! Hopefully I should be able to get some more pics up by the end of the week
Another update! This update focuses on the Log Flume ride in a swampy area called Willow Falls.
[Image: Shot0019_zpsbde6311a.jpg]
This is the track. The train runs through underneath

[Image: Shot0020_zps98d6eadc.jpg]
View of the build from the opposite side

[Image: Shot0022_zps2dfd9ef8.jpg]
With Scenery added

[Image: Shot0025_zpsc95c9960.jpg]
Willow Falls Station

[Image: Shot0029_zps706e0787.jpg]
Overview at the moment.

More updates soon!

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