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Titan - B&M Giga

(Dec 31, 2014, 04:12 PM)ian44accordx Wrote: When are you releasing this? Its too cool lol!!!!
got a little more trackwork done and more supports - tell me what you think and suggest anything if you want...
[Image: 0sLEUhn.jpg]

[Image: KJitf0Q.png]

[Image: G2sCdBT.png]

[Image: L1Pq7Qn.png]

[Image: wJSTlxq.png]
station work has begun. not sure what im gonna do with this... i feel like there are too many beams to support the roof. tell me what you think...
[Image: hXTF0ZO.png]
[Image: r8yzjEu.png]
[Image: ynbEnhT.png]
way too many beams. have 1 in each corner, 1 on each side of the track where it leaves/enters the station, then just stick another half way between the corners.

like this: B = beam
i/- = gap
TT = track
i i
i i
station work improved but no trackwork has been done (sorry been busy). anyways here is the station with some textures applied, tell me what you think and what else i can do for the station...
[Image: gkRSVyv.png]
[Image: BEjS45Z.png]
[Image: HScFDEV.png]
Station looks much less cluttered now Wink
iiiiiiiiits baaaaaaaaaack - and finished (trackwork wise)
didnt really have the motivation to finish this up since i got back into rct3, but i will probably make more nl coasters than rct3.
some ride statistics:
height: ~ 310ft
length: ~ 6900ft
speed: ~ 93 mph
not sure about the g's, but they are all in the green...... pics!

[Image: v0dd19J.jpg]
editor pic cause why not

[Image: M9a2boL.png]
[Image: A6rbmKB.png]
heres the ending which took me awhile cause i couldnt find a good fit

[Image: FTQiMt1.png]
coaster holds 3 trains

[Image: k1W6CxY.png]
[Image: H1oEz9V.png]
a couple of overviews, tell me what you think
You need to get that in NL2 and start adding more rides around it. That'd be sweet.
[Image: AMUDExV.png]
(Dec 27, 2014, 10:46 PM)aecrouch2016 Wrote: I am not an expert, but appreciate how you show your progress. No Limits 1 or 2? I am recognizing a certain style with No Limits 1/2 vs RCT3. I've tried No Limits and I was not ready for that one yet Garde Meubles Marseille. You make it look easy. Keep me updated (and/or I'll check back for the updates as well).
Perhaps you could share your experiences with us here by illustrating the post.

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