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Six Flags Over Virginia - Charleston, WV - new park

So the Six Flags has bought 304 acres of land just north of downtown Charleston in West Virginia and is about to start on the park. James Reid-Anderson has just announced that this park will begin construction for it to open in the 2015 or 2016 season depending on construction progress! Just come in, the park entrance construction is doing quite well!

[Image: H2sJ1ZP.png]

[Image: a0yAPkg.png]

[Image: TFEXgKc.png]

We have hired many construction workers for the project! See you soon!
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Look good I can tell this is your first major park project here some tips when you build a theme park always pre plan the park because if you do u don't have to restart or get frustrated and restart. Also play with the landscape please don have flat land out threw the park.. It really boring if you have all flatland but also have fun and detail count all the time.. But good luck can't wait to see more..
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