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|| A few years back, my father decided to start construction on an amusement park in Finland. HaukanLand, he called it. ||

|| Work has been done on the plaza at the entrance of the park, as well as the first roller coaster. ||

|| The first roller coaster is unnamed, but it seems to only have one car. I've never seen this before, but my uncle is an expert with these kind of things. ||

|| I was allowed to take a few pictures, seeing whats been worked on, and I have to say, its coming along nicely. ||

[Image: YvkW1KU.jpg]

[Image: WLS1RJd.jpg]

Buildings have been worked on, and a restaurant was made!
I took some pictures for my photography class, of the new ride too!

[Image: yyFKP0n.jpg]

[Image: P1uy8Nu.jpg]

[Image: oEDak73.jpg]

[Image: gzaUwvA.jpg]

And it seems a new ride is being worked on...

[Image: 7FXDPLS.jpg]
I want to ride a bobsled coaster, too bad the closest one is either Knobbles or Great escape
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I'd more than 10 years ago I think six flags had a bobsled ride. I went on it. was just okay.
A list of former rides at six flags...
Only bobsled ive been on is disaster transport at cedar point before they closed it. It was pretty smooth and being in the dark had some unexpected twists, but nothing too amazing.

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