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Sapphire Falls Park

Finally came up with a name for my current project....

[Image: MdWo3sq.jpg]

What do you guys think?

So far, this park has:
-2 coasters
-2 flat rides
-2 restrooms
-1 arcade
-3 restaurants

Currently working on a new coaster and about to start streaming. My mic is down for the moment until later but I will be on chat. So if you have Twitch and have nothing to do for the night and would like to support my journey of building this park, please come watch!

What other coasters do you think I should build?
[Image: ulodap497c2.png]
SimpleFate Gaming YouTube Channel
remember, giga on the mountains
[Image: ZCL35lY.jpg]

Will do. Already have an idea for it. I remade my B&M on the corner but still have somewhat of a heart loop but it's reversed.
[Image: ulodap497c2.png]
SimpleFate Gaming YouTube Channel
Like your logo's a lot. Can't wait to see the finished park. Can you send me a direct link to your streaming channel?

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