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Jackson Hole Adventure Land

Hello, friends! This is the first Park that I have made in more than a year. My computer crapped out on me, so I had to buy a new one. I kept pushing back and back, and finally I have a machine capable of running RCT3 to its limits.

Back in high school I took a trip out west (I lived in Michigan). Me and about 100 of my classmates piled up in big, white vans and camped across America, heading all the way out to Yellowstone - stopping to see the Tetons, Devil's Tower, and other iconic sites along the way.

One of the most beautiful and serene attractions we visited was Jackson Hole Wyoming.

This tiny town was nestled in a peaceful valley surrounded by large foothills - guardians to the Rocky Mountains.

The location was so peaceful and beautiful, in fact, that it inspired me to make a theme park based on it.

Here are some teaser photos of my progress so far.

To this point I have created:

1 wooden rollercoaster (leave name suggestion in the comment section!)
1 log flume
1 Discus

More to come!

I love feedback, suggestions, and comments in general Smile

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Here are some suggestions

Coaster name: Bear Run

Log Flume: Mill Stream Run

Discus: The Wringer
Looks great, though I don't like the coaster trains, but that's just me. Keep on going!
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Here's a small update on the progress on the Log Flume

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[Image: caldercitycoasters_zps4ade4f3e.png]

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