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Silver Star Wild Wilderness

Quote:"Get ready for a wild new adventure. Move over Six Flags Great Adventure a larger, better park is on its way. Using just over 4700 acres in Egg Harbor City, New Jersey this park will be the Northeast's Premier Theme Park. Construction began months ago and we will be bringing you pictures of the construction going back to December 2014 till now. The Park is just weeks from opening. Lets get excited!!!!"

-Dana Kelly, Reporter, New Jersey 10 News-

Silver Star Entertainment Group is a new comer to the amusement park industry. Originally starting with the planning for a 100 acre indoor theme park which was just approved in Lansdale, PA they have now announced they have been working to claim the Worlds Largest Theme Park Record from Six Flags Great Adventure. The park has been under construction since December 2014 and will feature rides from all major manufacturers. All rides are custom designed to fit the park and will have four themed areas upon opening day. Pictures will be added over the next few days as we organize the construction photos we have. Thanks to our reporter Dana Kelly for her coverage of this parks development since December. Park Owner Henry Williams is expected to hold a press conference tomorrow at corporate headquarters.

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