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List of parks you have been to

Can you give me a list of parks you guys have been to? I've heard a lot from all of you, and I want to keep track also. I'm getting old :P Rolleyes

Anyways, I'll give an example!

1. Fun Spot America - Favorite is White Lightning
2. Busch Gardens Tampa - Favorite is Kumba
3. Sea World Orlando - Favorite is Manta
4. Hershey Park - Favorite is SkyRush
5. Knoebels - Favorite is Twister
6. Holiday World - Favorite is the Voyage
7. Silver Dollar City - Favorite is Outlaw Run
8. Worlds of Fun - Favorite is Mamba
9. Kings Island - Favorite is Diamondback
10. Conneaut Lake Park - Blue Streak
11. Waldameer Park - Favorite is Ravine Flyer II
12. Kings Dominion - Favorite is Intimidator 305
13. Busch Gardens Williamsburg - Favorite is Alpengeist
14. Dorney Park - Favorite is Steel Force
15. Kennywood - Favorite is Steel Phantom
16. Cedar Point - Favorite is Maverick
17. Carowinds - Favorite is Fury 325

Soon to be going to: UK theme parks
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Favorite steel coaster: Fury 325 at Carowinds
Favorite wood coaster: Ravine Flyer II at Waldameer.
Longest Line: 4 Hours for Millennium Force :P
i havent been to many themeparks and they are all in the UK, but i will make a list anyway

Alton Towers - Nemesis.... the other coasters are amazing too
Drayton Manor - Storm Force 10 (big water ride)... havent been for a long time and i was quite young and not really into coasters when i went
Chesington World of Adventure - Bubble Works (best water/dark ride ever)
Lightwater Valley - The Ultimate... generally a crappy park but the big woodie is worth going on
Flamingo Land - Kumali... looks like they got some really good rides since last time i went
Gullivers World used to be pretty good,m not been there for a long time either
King's Dominion, King's Island, Bush Gardens Williamsburg, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Cedar Point, Adventuredome(Las Vegas), and Dollywood.
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Yes, I don't get to many theme parks at all. When I have my own home, I'll get round more.
Theme Parks I've gone to (not in order):
Great Yarmouth (roller coaster, log flume, 4d cinema, pirate ship, yo-yo, that slide thing, monorail, fun house, sky drop)
Adventure Island (rage, lighthouse, green scream, mighty mini mega, pirate movie theatre, barnstormer, dragons claw, ramba zamba, sk8borda, cow jump, snake slide, tidal wave blue and green, dragon, archelon, drop n smile, fireball, over the hill, american whip, big wheel, devils creek goldmine)
Brighton Pier (turbo, log flume, wild mouse, galaxia, twister)
Blackpool (not many rides at all, so long ago i can't remember)
Funland (again, a long time ago)
Thorpe Park (colossus, depth charge, storm surge, zodiac)
Pleasurewood Hills (wipeout, kite flyer, chairlift, probably some others as well)
Fantasy Island (millenium, wild mouse, jumping thing, rhombus rocket)

I probably went to others as well. Because of that, I'll list some funfairs (not in order):
1. Miami
2. Miami, Mini Waveswinger
3. Round Up, Ski Jump, outwards-facing Rock-o-Plane, Paratrooper (it's not there anymore)
4. Mini Train, Waveswinger, Orbiter, Kamikaze
5. Merry-Go-Round, Medium Waveswinger, Wild Mouse XXL, Thriller coaster, River Rapids, some really sick Waltzer, Christmas Coaster, Spinning Christmas Coaster
6. Freak Out, Twister, Mini Paratrooper, Ghost Train, Waltzer
7. Extreme Orbiter, Freak Out, Round Up, Midnight Express
8. Wild Mouse, Midnight Express, some others
9. Twister
10. Jumping thing (with OTSRs), some other variant of a Midnight Express, one of the world's largest simulators
Cedar Point, BGT, Knoebels, (a small fun center in my area, please know that this is not Knoebels), Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios Orlando, Islands of Adventure, SeaWorld Orlando, LEGOLAND Florida!
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List of Parks:
Six Flags Great Adventure-only went once and only rode El torro (wasn't into coaster back then)[going back in late August]
Dorney Park- Worst park outside of China (only went once
Sesame Place-Smallest park I have ever been to [its own by Sea World Entertainment if you didn't know](haven't been since 2009 because I am too old to go now)
LEGOLAND Florida- Only rode Costasorus (formerly known as Triple Hurricane)[been to only once between the opening of the theme park and water park areas]
Walt Disney World (MK x2, EPCOT x2, DWS/MGM x1, AK x1)- Was in candlelight processional when Jonathan Groff narrated for his last 2 shows
Hercheypark(x2)- Like Skyrush and Stormrunner equally
Kings Dominion (would have gone on Williamsburg trip back in 7th grade but park closed due to weather; again wasn't into coaster back then, I regret not going now)
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