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New Ride For 2007

Edit by RCT3X :: What new ride/rollercoaster would you like to see at Thorpe Park?
I would like to see a Simulator ride, like the Starwars one in Eurodisney(is it still there) The New Coaster opens up in March 2006 and another in 2008, so there wont be any coaster building in 2007, but after reading the Medium Term development plan, 2007 will see a flat ride open up in the vicinity of Amity Cove.
I would also like to see a Stand Up coaster to be the designated ride for 2008 and not the flying AIR coaster which has been speculated, Thorpe needs to offer a different experience to Alton, and seeing as Shockwave is this countrys only Stand up coaster it wouldnt hurt Tussauds to invest in one of their own.Whatever it is, it needs to be a FIRST for Tussauds.
Yeah that would be pretty cool !

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