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African Adventure Resort - NOW OPEN

The wait is over! The parks are now open!

Thank you to everyone who has been following the previous thread about African Adventure on the Discussion area. We have moved our thread here so that it can be shared and discussed with even more of you. Our team worked for months to open this brand new experience and the day has finally come to open this beautiful park!

While I was strolling through the crowds this morning before rope drop I noticed a few of you showed up to experience the park so I thank you for coming and braving those crazy crowds this morning! Wink

Of course this post wouldn't mean much if we didn't grab you some photos so enjoy!

Last night our team of 3,000 enjoyed the water park ahead of opening!
[Image: i70ux0C.jpg]

Guests beginning to arrive this morning.
[Image: 0BzECc2.jpg]

[Image: gp62YDZ.jpg]

[Image: xfanHMl.jpg]

[Image: TzsxKZs.jpg]

A shot of the Welcome Plaza with guests beginning to pile in.
[Image: qEm4VvO.jpg]

[Image: SUpyp8k.jpg]

[Image: cDLq3Id.jpg]

[Image: IrepVO6.jpg]

The Oasis filled up very quickly!
[Image: 2xr6kw2.jpg]

[Image: idnOjq9.jpg]

Zebra Drop
[Image: ETPjOmi.jpg]

Zebra Drop & Serengeti Falls
[Image: w7NmfVI.jpg]

Rhino Run
[Image: L9KluLA.jpg]

Congo River Rapids queue is completely full!
[Image: N5WrVEL.jpg]

Keep checking back as we'll have more updates throughout the day!

Parking lot and overflow parking lots have hit capacity. Guests are being directed to Walmart & Sams Club on I-35 Service Road and OCS/LifeChurchTV parking lots.

African Adventure Water Park has hit capacity. Gates are temporarily closed. Guests with tickets to the Water Park can use theme for Theme Park or wait until gates re-open.
This is amazing! Can we download it?
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The style sort of reminds me of Phantasialand

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