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(WIP)Mega World

This is looking really nice!
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I have to admit, this is looking really good. Exceeded my expectations for sure. Keep this up.
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A lot of progress has been made since the last update.  I'm about 1/3 done with the park.  I am considering expanding the waterpark because it is pretty small.  Building the roof and walls for this park is going to be a monumental task
[Image: ErhPayV.jpg?1]

I added a suspended swinging coaster that goes around the park and a go cart track in a castle.
[Image: ZRnCoXU.jpg?1]

[Image: W3m8Zpv.jpg?1]

[Image: tf7tTZL.jpg?1]

Here is the main thrill ride section of the park inside of a wooden coaster.
[Image: Wp9i5yw.jpg?1]

And a coaster based on the S&S 4d coasters
[Image: UDii21f.jpg?1]
There are now 14 roller coasters in this park!
Current Progress:
[Image: PrNLIze.jpg?1]

Waterpark is finished.  

If anyone has any name suggestions for rides I will gladly take them.
[Image: TIpbZxa.jpg?1]

[Image: dWWFXev.jpg?1]

Also added an Inverted Coaster and a Dive Coaster
[Image: pVZGa6z.jpg?1]

[Image: LZTn5Pc.jpg?1]

[Image: pd33HOS.jpg]

[Image: Zbw0tLQ.jpg?1]

[Image: w4mAbxQ.jpg?1]


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