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YouTube Community Built Park.

Hi all, about 3 days ago, I finished a YouTube series on RCT3, it proved to be successful, and when I completed it, I uploaded it here, if anyone wants to check the park out, click the link below, was a fun project!


- James
Can I get in to the next project in kinda rusty at Rct3 but I really want to try the next project
[Image: logo_214894_web_zps05a2499c.jpg]
Sure thing buddy, started a new project 2 days ago, the new project is a seaside resort, it works in a similar fashion to the last project, just give me suggestions and such and I'll try and incorporate them, will give credit too.

New project, latest episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vx8Wn7qS3Tw

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