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Think RCTW will be added to RCTgo?

I'm sure a bunch a you think they should add RCTW to RCTgo when it's finally out. But, I am less to certain it'll happen.

Vote: Yay for RCTW, or nay for RCTW in RCTgo.

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I think it's a no-brainer that it will be added to the site as it is part of the RCT series. Not sure why you don't feel it will be, after all the site is R C T Go, not PlanetCoasterGo lol
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they already have the option for discussion so Heck yea
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I am not actually sure why I don't think so. But eh, what'cha gonna do. Lol. I do want to get RCTW when it comes out, and I'd be among the first players to add to this site, when it is uploadable here. Thanks!
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