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(RCT3) WIP Parks

This is a thread where you can have a sneak peek at my unfinished parks. Abandoned projects will be found in the Scrapyard. I will show a video which is a slideshow of screenshots. Again, please note they are unfinished.

Criticism is allowed here, please give ideas for improvement.

"Laughton Lake is a park built around a lake. The park is named after the lake. However, the official name is Laughton Lake Park, but people still prefer to call it Laughton Lake. Believe it or not, the lake itself is not owned by the park. That's why there's no huge launched 600ft inverted RMC Aquatrax corkscrewing over the lake."

Looping Coaster: Jet
Juniour Coaster: Leaping Logs
Wooden Coaster: Ultradips
Mini Suspended Swinging Coaster: Family Swing
Dinghy Slide: Slip and Slide

The next teaser will be for Spaghetti Land. I will upload Spaghetti Land's video soon. After I upload it, then Laughton Lake will be available to download. Please note that I am still making this park, IT IS NOT FINISHED YET.
I think it's a good start. Around the lake, (if you are going to be working on it again) I would add more trees, etc. The wooden roller coaster is my favorite. But it's your park and you get to decide how you want it to be in the end. Smile
Thanks for the feedback.

I will add trees around the lake and I knew Ultradips would be everyone's favourite. I think it's a great ride. But my favourite is Jet, the looping coaster. I love how compact it is.
Sorry if I'm double posting quite a bit in this thread, I just like to do updates on my work.

Over the past few days, school and tiredness has overcome me, but now school has ended, I'll start work on the video for Spaghetti Land. An abandoned project (Coils Park) will be uploaded to YouTube and the Scrapyard soon.
I ended up getting Spaghetti Land up today, next will be the download release for Laughton Lake. The coasters can also be downloaded separately.

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