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Celebrating 11 years


Today marks 11 years from RCTgo's founding on January 30, 2005. It's truly hard for me to believe how much RCTgo has grown and changed since that day -- especially with the recent launch of our latest redesign, RCTgo 5.0. Looking at the numbers, it's even more incredible: we now host more than 9,000 downloads, hundreds of videos, and serve up millions of page views annually.

And so once again, I want to thank all of you for making RCTgo the terrific resource it is today. Without your continued support, RCTgo wouldn't be here today.

Here's to another great year! Smile

HOORAY!!! Thats awesome! Congrats on a great website Justin!!! Smile
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man its been a long 5 years ive been here. cant believe its been that long lol
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wow it seems like just yesterday we were celebrating 10 years, its truly been an amazing site, such a great community
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Thanks to you Justin!!
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Wow, have I really been on this site for 2 and a half years? That makes me feel old... (lol not so much)
If this was still in operation, I hope they meant it literally

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Congratulations! Biggrin
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Only a handful of months that I've been here but I'm still proud to have been. Great community here and a great site as well, thank you Justin for everything you do behind the scenes here!
Six Build-It wins total and a win in RCT1, RCT3, and Planet Coaster. Seems like RCT2 is the next on the list.

Wow, 11 years, just think, I have only been on for a year and a half! (I think)
Quote:Naveisawesome wrote: just trees, support structures and a simple station are not going to get a coaster a win, it needs more extra scenery
Words to live by....

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