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5 Year Plan Predictions for your home park/any park

Why are people putting 2016 stuff? Parks have already announced what they are getting. I'm looking at Chris' and Naveis'.
User Thread: https://forums.rctgo.com/thread-22640.html
Cuz why not. That and I don't look at the stuffs.
Team CoasterTech

Brookwood Gardens

2016: Nature Cruise torn down
2017: Maurer Sohne X-Car coaster
2018: Expansion using slash-and-burn technique
2019: B&M Giga Coaster
2020: Bankruptcy
2021: 30 million-dollar fire insurance policy taken out "just in case"
[Image: 7sFmb4x.jpg]
¡Viva Mexico!
Six Flags Astroworld

2016: Nothing
2017: Nothing
2018: Nothing
2019: Nothing
2020: Nothing
2021: Nothing

Alton Towers

2016: New "World's First" attraction
2017: New "World's First" attraction
2018: New "World's First" attraction
2019: New "World's First" attraction
2020: New "World's First" attraction
2021: New "World's First" attraction

Cedar Point

2016: Valfeathom
2017: New flat ride with an impossible-to-pronounce name
2018: Park responds to the fans saying they want Mean Streak to be RMC'd. A crane bumps into MF and destroys it. RMC goes bankrupt.
2019: Because MF is now gone, park says Mean Streak will be a permanent ride, even though it will be SBNO for the rest of its life.. They say TTD has reached the end of its lifespan and remove it. Because logic.
2020: Raging fans burn Mean Streak to the ground.
2021: The park's ferris wheel gets unhinged and rolls down the entire park. Utter and absolute chaos. Fire, smoke and explosions everywhere. Deaths everywhere. Viltavern is the only coaster that remains and earns its 11th world record: "Last Coaster at Cedar Point".

(I'm misspelling Valfammon on purpose to make fun of Cedar Point's ridiculous names)
Lol dude that's hilarious!
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I would really like it if people take this seriously...

I have some more coming, expect an edit soon
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Well it's been 3 years, but here goes........... (ps sorry for necropost)
Darien Lake:
2019: Six Flags Skyscreamer, convince nearby farmers to sell their land
2020: Shipwreck Falls removed and replaced with an RMC Raptor.
2021: Predator retired, turned into Lake Monster, an RMC conversion.
2022: New log flume to fill the water ride void.
2023: New Wing Coaster named X-Flight.
Six Flags Over Georgia:
2019: Pandemonium. Six Flags confirms Splashwater Falls is done for.
2020: New S&S Freespin to replace Splashwater.
2021: New Launched Coaster similar to Maxx Force, and Monster House is finally retired.
2022: New dark coaster in the Monster House building, themed to a haunted forest.
2023: A large Intamin Giga Coaster, Colossus.
2019: Wildwood Grove
2020: Nothing major, just shows and stuff
2021: Ridge Runner, a massive Mack hyper. Similar to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72GXzzRTJFo and goes on the remaining cleared plot that was not used by Wildwood.
2022: Smokey Mountain Rampage retired, splashdown returns to Blazing Fury at long last.
2023: Time Traveller, a new Mack Xtreme Spinning coaster that is a clone of the one at SDC.
The end........

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