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Alpha 3 - Planet Coaster - Different Versions are out

Yesterday August 23, 2016 Planet Coaster Alpha 3 version was released on Steam. If you are not familiar with Steam here is the link
There are new features in the game such as adding water to your parks, a few new special effects. A couple of new rides, lots more scenery options, buildings, etc. I will be making some videos showing what is new in the game. The download file is huge. So if you decide to get the game check your specs on your computer to make sure you meet the requirements to play the game.

Video 1
Planet Coaster - Avatar Options

Video 2
Planet Coaster - Sandbox Options and Water!
Just a quick note, tomorrow is the last day to buy the "Early Bird" access to Planet Coaster. I don't know why they'd stop letting people join in on it, but that's what it looks like they're doing! It costs $75 and you really need to check the computer requirements before buying it. I've heard a lot of people buying it, and then their computer can't handle the game.
When I had my old computer was running on Windows 8.1 with an intel i5 core processor. I had a very hard time running the game. It was very slow. So Itssuzii2 is very right when stating to make sure to check your computer for the required specs to run the game. I'm running the game on Windows 10 intel core i7 with Nivida Geforce GTX graphics. This is my system info and it runs very well
[Image: HB7PnSA.jpg]

Planet Coaster Alpha 3 Video 3 Special Effects and Water

So I'm playing around in the tropical sandbox mode. I was able to edit a little of the entrance that was already made. The back building I didn't make. However, I added the extra water, fountain, etc. The controls are getting easier to use.  Smile
[Image: s374r7n.jpg]

Here are some what other YouTuber's are doing...
more videos soon.

I found the pre-made parks and other sandbox files in my parks then Rrontier Parks. If you go to the Frontier Parks tab you will be able to access the same files as I did.

Planet Coaster Alpha 3 - Celebrities, Friends, Blueprints and Where are my files? This shows you when you are on line playing in the Steam Workshop. A short demonstration on how to make a blueprint and how to locate and save your files.
Planet Coaster Alpha 3 - Rides, Vomit and Trash

Planet Coaster Alpha 3 - The Controls (moving, duplicating objects, blueprints)
For those of you who may not know this is the direct page link to Steam where Planet Coaster Alpha 3 updates, etc are being posted now.
You can also view other users work and download stuff.
These are current discussions going on: http://steamcommunity.com/app/518340/discussions/
Workshop area

The Characters and Peeps
I have heard of different versions of the game, but this is my first time hearing about this version...
Planet Coaster Thrill Seeker Edition - Information you should know about


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