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I search a firework creator

Hello, Please excuse my english (i am french), i search an experimented person to create a fireworks ! If you accept,
you have to respect some rules :

Maximum duration in game : 5 hours (you can use only a part of duration)
For the size view the plan (click on the link)
Theme type : generic, historical, adventure

You can return your fireworks when you want but before May 2017, I accept several fireworks a person but i would 
guard only a fireworks in the end. In exchange for your fireworks you can have access to my park early and comment
my park !

Questions ? Contact me :

- Post an answer !
- Or contact me by e-mail : [email protected]

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Just download other peoples fireworks. Just go to the Pyro section. I have HUNDREDS just from downloading.
^ Please don't bump old threads... especially ones that are not being watched anymore (this guy requested them before May of this year, it's now July...)
And a seventh rounds out the series. RCT 1, 2, and 3 complete, PC squared away, now for Parkitect and more 3D builds.


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