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New park ( no name yet)

i'm working on a new park... Here are some pictures.; Biggrin







I like the style and layout of you roller coaster. And, a great start on a new park. Smile
Very nice start to this park, the coaster looks great and I really like the train tunnel. My only suggestions right now are to add foliage underneath the coaster (not large trees but maybe a small Poplar tree here and there and some bushes). The lift hill, supports, layout, and catwalks all look realistic and good as well. Nice work.
Team CoasterTech

It is off to a very good start! All my nit-picks were already covered by Chris, so, keep it up!
Resuming regularly scheduled programming!
hey everybody !
It's the last post for this park before christmas^^ Biggrin




Park is looking good so far! Nice start Smile I like how you built the white coaster right by the red one. I think they look pretty good together!
Thx Westcoasttropic !
This is another great design.
would be nice to see some pics of the layous

Here you go

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