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[REL] Grizzly - Western Themed Arrow Hyper Coaster (POV ONLINE)

Grizzly is a project that has been sitting on my hard drive for a little while. Mostly because I didn't like the original layout. I recently redesigned it and started working on it again. I got my inspiration for the lift hill supports from Desperado at Buffalo Bill's Resort & Casino. Currently all I have done are the supports and some of the station and tunnel before the lift. There's still a lot of scenery to add. 

[Image: 24bq1cj.jpg]

[Image: 2qvv4ur.jpg]

[Image: 4rbxht.jpg]

[Image: 15qcbgk.jpg]

[Image: 2ptxa9d.jpg]
Awesome Wil !
Can't wait to see more
Here's the second update on Grizzly. I've made quite a bit of progress on the scenery so far.  Biggrin

[Image: 2r7o5r7.jpg]

[Image: 5365bb.jpg]

[Image: 2iw2z6.jpg]

[Image: fzakvq.jpg]

[Image: 25sv2uh.jpg]

[Image: fteha9.jpg]

[Image: 2589fsz.jpg]

[Image: 5f1x5y.jpg]
What can i say ?...
Also the train station is awesome
My work on Grizzly is complete. I'm currently working on the off and on ride povs.  Biggrin

[Image: rsaet0.jpg]

[Image: 250130m.jpg]

[Image: 1ru2xx.jpg]

[Image: 119ukrc.jpg]

[Image: dh9tgl.jpg]

[Image: eg72uv.jpg]

[Image: 10nyr9y.jpg]

[Image: de1f2p.jpg]

[Image: bff4mu.jpg]

[Image: jzd3zs.jpg]

[Image: 11uam89.jpg]

[Image: 25am5hy.jpg]

[Image: 21jtanp.jpg]

[Image: j81rmh.jpg]

[Image: 2z69v6x.jpg]

[Image: 2cyp6xv.jpg]
The POVs are online! I'm also proud to announce this is my first RCT3 video with in 60 frames per second.  Biggrin

Great work on this one, it's a tad slow going into the final brake run but honestly that's my only complaint with it.
Six Build-It wins total and a win in RCT1, RCT3, and Planet Coaster. Seems like RCT2 is the next on the list.

Now that's how you build an Arrow Hyper. Bonus points for the ranger station headchopper. That one I wasn't expecting.

I want to see a mine train coaster or a log flume built in a similar underground cave.
[Image: BROOKWOOD2_zpsm4uk85ot.jpg]

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