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RCT1 Nathan8848's Scenario Parks

I have now completed every scenario in the base game for RCT1 and I would like to show them. The parks were created with deleting as little of the base park design as possible. As many people on here don't use the original game too much and uploading all 21 parks is crazy, I will just post pictures and the rides included. This is the basic game, so no CS is added (Don't even know if there is for RCT1). If you would like to download one of them, please let me know.

Let's start with Forest Frontiers. I tried double wide paths, but it didn't work out too well, as I forgot the AI just goes in circles and doesn't do anything.
[Image: SCR1_PCX_zpscfrv0pjv.png]

[Image: SCR2_PCX_zpsd4c55cyg.png]
Merry Go Round, Woodchip, Racers, Scrambled Eggs, Ferris Wheel. Treehouse (Spiral Slide is to the right of Ferris Wheel.

[Image: SCR3_zpsyw7cfgki.png]
 Swinging Ship, Log Jammer, Cloud Bouncer, Bumper Cars, Timberhawk.

Onto Dynamite Dunes.
[Image: SCR4_zpsyw9cogqa.png]

[Image: SCR5_zpsp5i3iomp.png]
Ferris Wheel, The Mummy, Dynamite Dunes Chairlift, Whiplash (Gravitron), Flume Falls, Carousel, Dune Buggies,  Sand Blaster (Swinging Ship).

[Image: SCR6_zpsly5ige97.png]
Dynamite Blaster, Sand Blaster, Nightmare at the Desert Mine, Scorpion (Dingy Slide) to the right of Desert Mine.

[Image: SCR7_zpsnn8cf5i8.png]
Liger (Tan Wooden), Desert Karts, Diamondback (Corkscrew), Dust Devil (Swinging Inverter), Oil Drill (Freefall), Sand Dragon (Brown Wooden).

Next is Leafy Lake.
[Image: SCR8_zpsudodhz7s.png]
Overview. The back forest features a water park area, that features Tropical Plunge (Dingy), Jungle Falls (Flume), and River Stream (Rapids). Vortex (Looping) surrounds the water park.

[Image: SCR10_zpshuvxrosn.png]
Power Surge, Dipper, Spinsanity, Sea Dragon.

[Image: SCR9_zps44okucbz.png]
Carousel, Caterpillar, Raccoon Runner, Lighthouse, Observation Tower.

Now my favorite park when I was kid, I always picked Diamond Heights due it being an easy premed park. Since I always played this park, I wanted to have more fun and decided to actually theme this park. This is the first of real based companies that you will see in the future.

[Image: SCR12_zpsr2qqmw2d.png]
You guessed it, judging by the colors: Six Flags! Six Flags Diamond Heights.

[Image: SCR15_zpsfzol6okl.png]
Snake River Falls, Ferris Wheel, Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster, Superman: Tower of Power.

[Image: SCR13_zpstmgewd1p.png]
Goliath, Orca, Six Flags Railroad, Cyclone, Penguin's Blizzard River.

[Image: SCR14_zpspnwpl5zb.png]
Batman and Robin: The Chiller, Space Raiders, SkyScreamer, Justice League, Miner's Carts.

That's it for this update. Evergreen Gardens and Bumbly Beach will be next.
User Thread: http://forums.rctgo.com/thread-16248.html
Update 2 featuring Evergreen Gardens and Bumbly Beach.

Evergreen Gardens
[Image: EG1_zpszdhrdi6v.png]

[Image: SCR5_zpsmodc84nn.png]
Windjammer, Revoultion, Carousel

[Image: EG2_zpsohagil9b.png]
Avalanche, Boomerang, Water Wheel, Jungle Tours, Monorail, Toucan, Roaring Rapids

[Image: EG3_zpssmxqir0z.png]
Monorail, Garden House, Water Dragon (Corkscrew), Serpent (Stand-Up), The Ram

[Image: EG4_zpsaxkzu2zx.png]
Anaconda, Tornado, Mixer, Twister

Bumbly Beach

[Image: BB1_zpsunol1icl.png]

[Image: BB2_zpswsbzcezq.png]
Blue Streak, Bulldog (Swinging), Gallopers, Dodgems, Flash Flood, Motor Bikes

[Image: BB3_zpsvoqc4iew.png]
Dipper, Castle Slide, Tower, Go-Karts, Ferris Wheel, F-40, Pirate
User Thread: http://forums.rctgo.com/thread-16248.html
Time for update #3, featuring Trinity Islands, Katie's World, and Dinky Park

First up, Trinity Islands
[Image: TI1_zpss8nhcda5.png]

[Image: TI2_zpsn92ubasv.png]
Hydro Flume, Ferris Wheel, Boardwalk Carousel, Pacific Twist, Manta.

[Image: TI3_zpssbafdry5.png]
Haunted Harbor, Big Red Lighthouse, Pelican's Plunge (Swinging RC), Barracuda Blaster (Dingy), Water Spout, Hammerhead, Great White (Steel), Osprey (Inverted).

Katie's World
[Image: KW1_zpscvhx0tr4.png]
Katie's World is based off of Lightwater Valley, located in England. The park contains the rides that were there at the time, when the game came out.

[Image: KW2_zpsszhctgyj.png]
Falls of Terror, Carousel, Orbitor, Swan Paddle Boats, Batflyer, Mexican Hat, Toad Hole, Lightwater Express.

[Image: KW3_zpsutsszvrr.png]
Twister, Beaver Rapids, Viper, Rat Ride.

[Image: KW4_zps4w1xfc2o.png]
The Ultimate, Ladybird, Grand Prix Go Karts, Black Widow, The Wave.

And now Dinky Park
[Image: DP1_zpsnaqhcpxw.png]

[Image: DP2_zpsi8p4nkhk.png]
Wooden Stroke, Carousel, Spiral Slide, Haunted House, Cloud Nine, Thrill Riders, Swinging Ship, Ghost Rider, Purple Peril, Space Shot.

[Image: DP3_zps0q6bdaq1.png]
The Marlin (Junior), The Dagger, Twister, Thunderstruck (Steel).
User Thread: http://forums.rctgo.com/thread-16248.html
Great work. Thanks for the ideas.
Update 12/22/16 featuring AquaPark, Millennium Mines, and Karts & Coasters

Aqua Park
[Image: AP1_zpsca1knhff.png]
Aqua Park is another that involves a real company and that is SeaWorld, SeaWorld AquaLand

[Image: AP2_zpstmfae26f.png]
Surf Rider, Manta, Skyride, Pacific Point, Turtle Reef, Stingray Lagoon.

[Image: Ap3_zpswf4q0g44.png]\
Kraken, Whitewater Falls 1 & 2, Journey to Atlantis, Rapid Rush, Steel Eel.

Now we explore the mines of Millennium Mines
[Image: MM1_zpsnjsx07i6.png]

[Image: MM2_zpst1po4en2.png]
Merry-Go-Round, Convoy, Mine Train Tour, Fury (steel), Diamond Press, The Lookout, Mystery Mine.

[Image: MM3_zps3yysxvd3.png]
Dynamite Blowyer (Mine Truck), Mixer, Mineral Panner, Gold Rush 400K, Water Trough, Blazin' Bronco

Karts & Coasters
[Image: KC1_zpsctvfupsz.png]

[Image: KC2_zpsaoq6hm4r.png]
WereWolf, Carousel, Eagle's Flight, Haunted House, Wild Rapids

[Image: KC3_zpsqecaldqa.png]
Tree Line Log Flume, Big Wooodchip, Bigger Woodchip, Wildfire.

[Image: KC4_zpsdpy4k2pl.png]
Pirate, Tornado, Lumberjack
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Now for update #5 with Mel's World, Mothball Mountain, and Pacific Pyramids

First up, Mel's World
[Image: MW1_zpsi6rbqs9n.png]

[Image: MW2_zpsmnjijfcp.png]
Berry Twist, Splinter, Ferris Wheel, Racers, Frightmare, Iron Dragon, Bombardment.

[Image: MW3_zpsbvbxbc9x.png]
Voyage, Bubble Swirl, Go Karts, Shockwave.

[Image: MW4_zps2dw8mrmi.png]
Yellow Jacket, Log Flume, Quiver, Carousel.

[Image: MW5_zpsmpavmjmq.png]
Mel's Regional Theatre, Blast-Off, Highjack, Mel's Gold Mine, Spiral Slide.

Mothball Mountain
[Image: MM1_zps0vljkbk4.png]

[Image: MM2_zpsy8cn0zqq.png]
Scrambled Eggs, Merry-Go-Round, Redhawk (Junior), Go Karts, Star Tower, Lumber Dragon, Haunted House, Huskie (Wooden), Waterfall, Falcon, Tire Rub.

[Image: MM3_zpsbbntwxus.png]
Ring Barer, Action Fall, Bobcat (Mine Train), Rocket Power (Steel), Chippewa (Corkscrew), Beats, Raging Bull (Wooden).

And ending this update, Pacific Pyramids
[Image: PP1_zpsgfqvq4l8.png]
Messiest overview so far.

[Image: PP2_zpstmreqqij.png]
Son of Sphinx (Original was a shuttle loop named Sphinx, but was removed), El Sol, Prancing Ponies, Sand Storm, Khufu's Domain (Junior), Hammer, Valley of the Temple (Bobsled), Cobra (Invert), Cinema.

[Image: PP3_zpsul89gslm.png]
Bumper Cars, Observation Tower, Ramses (Corkscrew), King Tut's Raft Ride, Sand Stone (Launched).

[Image: PP4_zpsaz5hvrvv.png]
Egyptian National Railway, Camelback (Dingy), Ferris Wheel, Egyptian Grand Prix, Fury of the Nile, Excavator.

That concludes this update. 6 more parks, which will be split in to more updates.
User Thread: http://forums.rctgo.com/thread-16248.html
And now the penultimate update for the original game. This update includes Crumbly Woods, Big Pier and Lightning Peaks.

Crumbly Woods
[Image: CW1_zpsbvniuth4.png]
Overview. This is the final parks based off of 'real' companies. This one is Cedar Fair and is based in Colorado.

[Image: CW2_zpsshgqmk3a.png]
Crumbly Wheel, Thunder Rapids, Woodchip Woodchip, Scrambler Dinosaurs' Alive.

[Image: CW4_zpskkhyau3b.png]
Ricochet, Power Tower, Iron Dragon, Sky Tower, Colorado Cobra, Prowler.

[Image: CW3_zpstmqs1br6.png]
Snake River Falls, Go-Karts, Yellow Streak, MaxAir (Swinging Invert), Thunderhawk, Wildcat.

Big Pier
[Image: BP1_zpsp7wjbtvk.png]

[Image: BP2_zpsp43vujof.png]
Pirate, Boat Hire, Carousel, Dolphin Spin (Gravitron), Ferris Wheel, Hurricane (Scrambler), Surf Rider (Simulator), Hammerhead (Swinging).

[Image: BP3_zpsqse52mli.png]
Humpback, Great White, Water Spout (Wooden), Gale Force (Steel), Great White (Jr), Whiplash (Steel).

Lightning Peaks
[Image: LP1_zpsa3zgznya.png]

[Image: LP2_zpsd2564vai.png]
Eagle's Nest, Chairlift 1 & 2, Timber Rider, Carousel, Egg Twist, Thunder Road.

[Image: LP3_zps3n66tujo.png]
Avalanche, Rattler, Harvester (Steel), Logger, Tomahawk, Treehouse Fun.

[Image: LP4_zpsddtkya6e.png]
Whispering Cliff, Bulldog, 3D Cinema, Diamond Falls, Grizzly.

Final Update will be Ivory Towers, Rainbow Valley, and Thunder Rock.
User Thread: http://forums.rctgo.com/thread-16248.html
And now the final update for the game. Loopy Landscapes contains 30 parks, so it will take longer.

First up Ivory Towers.
[Image: IT1_zpsoisytniw.png]

[Image: IT2_zpsjgvf8skh.png]
Whiplash (Cork), Monorail, Scrambled Eggs, Destroyer, Tree Topper, Observatory Frightmare (Gravitron), Canoes, Slither (Steel), Sea Dragon.

[Image: IT3_zpsfdu1vuxt.png]
Force Nine, Beaver, Ivory Towers Car Co.

[Image: IT4_zpsjp1nq0an.png]
Forest Runner (Car), Timber Plunge (Launched), Ferris Wheel, Reef Runner (Jr Spin), Seaside Carousel, Water Canyon (Log).

Next is the hardest park to complete due to not being allowed to delete trees, Rainbow Valley.

[Image: RV1_zpsamnauxoo.png]

[Image: RV3_zpsdpisfvoq.png]
Parrot (Launched), Lookout, Earthworm (Scrambler), Caterpillar, Rainbow Tower, Buzzsaw, Ferris Wheel.

[Image: RV2_zpskamelnky.png]
Bubble Swirl, Elf Tales, Tiger Forest (Vertical), Jaguar (Steel), Eagles Flight (Gravitron).

[Image: RV4_zpsjokwh0vz.png]
Storm Rapids, Lumberjack (Ship), Cliffside Speedway, Carousel, Underminer (Mine), Trailblazer (Wood).

And the final park, Thunder Rock

[Image: TR1_zpsx96bzsdz.png]

[Image: TR2_zpswpcevs9o.png]
Gold Mine Falls, Thunder Rock Chairlift, Ferris Wheel, Carousel, Digger Mustang (Wood), Mine Shack (Cinema), Sand Piper (Dragon), Motion Simulator.

[Image: TR3_zpstnz4hqms.png]
Dynamite (Launched), Falcon (Inverter), Rattler (Inverted), Iron Claw (Steel), Flameball, Coal Cracker (Gravitron).

[Image: TR4_zpssztna7c9.png]
Lookout, Maverick (Jr), Thunder Rock Go Karts, Mine Shaft, Thunder Rock Monorail, Cavern Falls.

I hope everyone found these useful to help when you attempt these scenarios or just found these interesting. I plan on doing same or something similar when I'm ready to post all of the Corkscrew Follies pack. I may actually provide a guide of some sort in the future.
User Thread: http://forums.rctgo.com/thread-16248.html
I should get this game and try it. Which version of the game do you have? I know there is an RCT2 Deluxe version, but is it really worth getting that version? These parks are great. I like the styles.

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