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Vote for your favorite track! Round 254

[Image: buildit.png]

Round 254 Voting

It's time for another round of voting for RCTgo's Build It! Competition. Four more great entries are up for voting - below are the name and screenshot of each. It's now time for you to vote for your favorite track!

Let's have a great round!

#1: The Gingerbread Express

[Image: 585bdb35f2665.png]

#2: Santa's blitz-- RCT3

[Image: 585c2ec81f027.jpg]

#3: Yngvild

[Image: 585c55e99131d.png]

#4: Revolution

[Image: 585d8e1616a4e.png]

Voting is now open!

Voting will remain open until Saturday, December 31
I'm very impressed by this round, sincerely. Here's my feedback:

The Gingerbread Express

I really like the idea of a Christmas roller coaster, I really dig into the concept. I love the gingerbread station, this is a creative way to make a station. I also like the other elements you put around it, such as the candies, the trees and the giant presents around the track. However, it could have had some more details, the rest of the area is empty and feels kinda dead. For what I see, I really like it.

Santa's blitz-- RCT3

I do not use a lot of custom scenery because I'm not a fan of custom scenery, but I extremely like that coaster with all the custom scenery. The architecture is gorgeous, the scenery around the track is magnificent too. I have nothing bad to say about it except that the rocks look a bit artificial. However, they don't ruin the beauty of this amazing track. Good job, builder! One of my favorite entry of this round.


This is another entry I like a lot. It just looks awesome: the layout, the buildings, the foliage, etc. What I like the most is the abundance of foliage around the roller coaster: it makes the scenery around it alive and that's what I'm looking from any entry. I also like the fireworks around the first turn, I never saw that in NL. Only things that I like less are the buildings that lack of details. Fortunately, with an entry like that, it can be forgiveable. One of my favorite entry of this round.


I think this entry will not compete well against those 3D entries. Simplicity can be good, but not in this case. We want to see details and that's not what I see. Details are what make an entry look good, awesome, majestic, amazing. In this case, it looks plain boring. Also, there's no foliage or scenery that fills the blank around the track, making the atmosphere very, very annoying or even dead. I would vote for it if there was more details to it, but that will not be the case.

I don't know which entry I'll vote for between Santa's Blitz and Ynvild, those two are very impressive and almost equally good for me. I'll check that later.
New serie started
Vote goes to Santa's blitz-- RCT3
Yngvild Gets my vote. I will do CC later. I have family in town.
4 Build it Wins!!! Thanks to everyone who voted for me!!!
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