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Scenario Pack Mk.1

Here you have it! I've finally made a scenario pack!


It Includes:
25 scenarios (the first 25)
5 Easy Scenarios
14 Challenging Scenarios
6 Hard Scenarios

Questions, comments, suggestions are always advised!

Four RCT2 Build It! Wins - Getting better each new entry!

Humour: Me
Projects: 1 megapark, & a novel about a dragon and a boy.

Add me on any of these sites!
Facebook: BlazingEmpire HD
Discord: BlazingEmpireHD#6064
Happy to see there's now a pack for these, I may pick it up if I find some extra time in the next few days.
And a seventh rounds out the series. RCT 1, 2, and 3 complete, PC squared away, now for Parkitect and more 3D builds.


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