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[RCTC] Parks with completed objectives

Sharing some of my saved parks for RCT Classic (mobile) with completed objectives. Just load the park and let the game run for a few minutes. The objective will be completed and the scenario won soon after.

DO NOT download the park if you wish to solve it yourself. These are for when you want to skip the park and unlock the next one.

Magic Quarters <-- click to download

[Image: 58961b30c2621.png]
Dragon's Cove <-- click to download

[Image: 589b9860776eb.png]
Volcania <-- click to download

Completed Volcania scenario for RCT Classic. Not the most elegant solution for this park but it works. Suspended roller coaster design from rctspace. The rest I built myself.

[Image: 58ac736a8b001.png]
Im looking for the finished park harmonic hills!

Was wondering if you have completed any of the following parks? 

Harmonic Hills
Dusty Desert
Pleasure Island 
Ghost Town 
Rainbow Valley 
Tiny Towers
Nevermore Park

I'm stuck on these for ages and would love some help. 

Thank you

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