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G'day all

G'day all, 

I've been a huge fan of the series and have played all the games from rct1 through to rct3. (pc not good enough for the latest) 

Got back into the series with rct classic on the Android. Best move ever! Have been a big fan of the downloads for the game, it's been great. 

Decided to try my hand at creating and releasing a few designs myself, so will be looking for feedback. 

See you around. 

Hey Black Cobra! Welcome to the site - I hope to see you create and enjoy the site!
Creeping closer....and closer....and even closer to my 100th scenario, and my two year anniversary on RCTgo! Woot!

Five Build It! wins, and many featured downloads! 

Creating cunningly crafted scenarios for you to enjoy! Smile
Current Projects: Redlynch Heights - (Megapark) - Frontier Forest (Scenario Play)

Add me on any of these sites!
Facebook: BlazingEmpire HD
Discord: BlazingEmpireHD#6064
Welcome to the site, we hope you enjoy your stay.
And a seventh rounds out the series. RCT 1, 2, and 3 complete, PC squared away, now for Parkitect and more 3D builds.

Stay sweet!
Welcome to RCTGo!
[Image: myc.png]
Welcome BC!! Look forward to checking out your work! Smile
Welcome. Hope you can be active and enjoy your stay on the forums. Smile

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