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Wonder Woman: Golden Lasso Coaster coming to Six Flags Fiesta Texas in 2018

First RMC Raptor Track. Yay.

My thoughts
  • This one announcement is better than anything Six Flags announced in 2017 combined
  • Depending on the restraint system, the first drop could be nothing but heavenly in the back row.
  • 8 passenger trains though? Really?
  • Despite it not using the terrain, it's still a really photogenic ride
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well for starters the track is hideous, honestly 1 bar track does not look good... the trains - 8 riders per train is bad and i would assume the riders per hour would be low causing high wait times....
putting that aside, the layout looks great, would be better if it was ibox track though.
A promo said it will have 3 trains with a "fast moving" station.
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^thats interesting considering theres no other block sections... i guess it is a short ride though
It is still new ! Can't wait to ride it
They have these in Planet Coaster and... well they look atrocious... Maybe they can make this work but it's definitely a sore sight for my eyes...
Team CoasterTech

Well this is RMC's first raptor coaster. Its probably just an experiment to see what guests think
Considering most guests don't give a hoot about how the track and trains look it'll probably be a hit if it's as good of a ride as it looks to be, for us coaster enthusiasts though I'm not sure it'll be that popular though.
Team CoasterTech


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