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RCT2 back in the game after a decade, looking for an old gem.

Whats up guys and gals, i saved my copy of rct2 from the trash during a visit to my folks house a few months ago, and since then the nostalgia has been mounting. i started building about a month ago, but looking online many of the sites that i used to get my custom rides, scenery, and parks from have long died out, save for a few. ive started fresh on my laptop and the old desktop i used to play on is long dead and gone. i uploaded my first work last night, hope those who still play rct2 enjoy. the rides showcase me getting the hang of things again. however, since ive been back, ive been searching the web for one park in particular that i downloaded years back. i dont remember where it came from, and recent google searches have turned up nothing. it was called Shangri LaLa Land, an oriental themed megapark with multiple 12+ excitement rating coasters and easily hundreds of hours put into scenery detail. does this ring a bell to anyone? would anyone happen to have this park saved? id love to know if anyone else knows of or remembers what im talking about. thanks!
Always great to see another fellow RCT2 user.

I don't know about this park you're talking about; hopefully someone else here can help you out.
Welcome to the site, unfortunately I've never heard of this "Shangri LaLa Land", but perhaps someone else has.
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I have. Anyways, welcome to the site! I do hope you enjoy your time here! If ya have questions, do not be wary to ask us. Enjoy!
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thanks everyone. at this point i really just want to get loopy landscapes and time twister back into the mix to i can check out every park on this site lol. that and a few custom scenery items, water feature items in particular, and i should be good. i also need to get a mouse. balancing the shift keys, scroll pad and click buttons gets frustrating.

(Aug 11, 2017, 05:17 PM)BlazingEmpireHD Wrote: I have. Anyways, welcome to the site! I do hope you enjoy your time here! If ya have questions, do not be wary to ask us. Enjoy!

do you remember the website it was posted for download on by chance? id like to try and backtrace and hopefully find an archived version of it. that park inspired me to a significant extent!
There's a park on this website called Shangri-LaLa Land. Was this the one you were thinking of?:
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According to the description it might be
(Aug 11, 2017, 10:46 PM)rctmuttindudge Wrote: According to the description it might be

Thats the one!!!
Well I downloaded it. How shall I send it to you?
(Aug 13, 2017, 10:25 AM)rctmuttindudge Wrote: Well I downloaded it. How shall I send it to you?

i pulled the download from the archived site, thank you so much for helping me with this!

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