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Favorite mod for rct3

^ lol

I don't play RCT3, but I have seen tons of the modded creations. I'd simply say that everything is good/decent. Oh well, maybe I am just too simple to please? -shrug-
900 posts! That must mean I like to post a lot. Wink

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I think I have a few favorites

Big Burger's timber
Moby's Curved Walls and Floors
ATH Catwalks
Imagine Flume Covers

And many more
Probably the most useful CS for myself is NYR's Concrete walls, it would be much more difficult to build without that set.

Next would be Das Matze's Office Day and Vodhin's lighting, I pretty much have to have all three of those sets.

Shyguy's paths come in very handy too!

Thx Smile

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