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CS sets

Hello everyone! Hope everyone's week is going well so far! I decided to start a thread on CS sets to see what everyone has or wants. I personally have a lot of sets and will post a list of them. That way if I have something someone else needs I'll know which ones to upload here. I think it would be awesome if others will do this as well that way we can exchange sets and get them out to the users who need them. As most of you who have been reading the forums lately will realize CS sets are harder and harder to find as websites close shop and we're having a harder time finding older sets. Let's keep those sets available to each other!

Brad's RCT3 CS set list:

182470's Dark Tunnels
Alpha's Paths
Archbak's SAW set
Archbak's The Asylum set
Belgabor's Asia Walls 1
BOS 's Polynesian Panic set
Briantjuh94's Jurassic Park set
Briantjuh94's Paths set
Bulldog2092's Camping Accessories set
Coasterfreak's KUSTOM KONCERT STAGE set
CSF's Neon Lighting set Recolorable Lighting Emitters
CT's Ancient set 2
CTR's Laneling Trap Treintje set
CTR's Traptreintjes set
DasMatze's Toboggan Kit
Delhelold's Castle set 1
Delhelold's Castle set 2
Doughnut's gravediggers set
DRP's Tubes
DRP's lightz
DVHMarkHK's Audioset V2
EBF's JP Tourer set (Jurassic Park)
Eddie's Sci-Fi set
EeZee's Haunted Mansion set
Eletigna's Lamp set 2
Eletigna's New Street Elements set
Enceintes set
FD7's Details 
FD7's Fly away set
Feen's Letters Arial
Feen's Letters Wall
Fink's Stressed Out West I
Fink's Stressed Out West II
FunDMental's Dark Ride Stunts 1
FunDMental's Dark Ride Stunts 2
FunDMental's Dark Ride Stunts 3
FunDMental's Haunted Portraits set
FunDMental's Medieval set
Gadget Goodies for Coaster Set (flat parts)
Hotroddude's Park Xtraz
Imagineer Michael's Spaceship Earth set
Imagineer John's Animated Dark Ride tubes & Pieces
Imagineer John's Coaster Kit BETA
JCat's ScreamWorx set
JCat's SpaceWorx set
JimmyG's White Water Rapids set
JimmyG's White Water Rapids 50 set
JMAinAZ's Photo Flash set
Jon123's Rock Mountain set
Kiotho's Lasers As Ride Event set
KENY's Jurassic Park III Pack
Launch start 01 set
LG's Harbour set
LoneWolf's Jurassic Park Set III
Maria's JP Jeeps (Jurassic Park)
Matt's Lighting set
MikeyCA's Road Signs
Moby's Glasshouse and Frameworx set
NYR's Asphalt Roads set 1
NYR's Asphalt Roads set 2
Old Spice's Coral Fish set
Old Spice's Trees set
Olimar511's Control Panels set
Osudenny's Darkside Pack
Panda's Zombies
Pat's Jungle set
PiecesofPrestige's Concrete Bridges set
Pumper's Dark Ride set
Ralfvieh's Medieval set 1
Ralfvieh's Medieval set 2
Ralfvieh's Bridge set
Ralfvieh's Antik world set
Ralfvieh's Clockwork set
Ralfvieh's East Asia set
Ralfvieh's Fountains set
Ralfvieh's New Castle set
Ralfvieh's New Castle Walls set
Ralfvieh's Pathcover set
RR's Mystic Mover set
SafariJ's Arrow Pack
shy's Alpine Village set 1
shy's Alpine Village set 2
shy's Alpine Village set 3
shy's Alpine Village set 4
shy's Alpine Village set 5
shy's Alpine Village set 6
shy's Rock set
starwars set
station/Boston's Scare Actor Anims set
station Jim jr.'s Apocalyptic Things set
station Jim jr./Captain's Aviaries set
station Jim jr.'s Furnishings set
station Jim jr.'s Gardening set 1
station Jim jr.'s Gardening set 2
station Jim jr.'s Periculum set 1
station Jim jr.'s Periculum set 2
station Jim jr.'s Periculum set 3
station Jim jr.'s Periculum set 4
station Jim jr.'s Random Things set
station Jim jr.'s SciFi Things set
Top Gun set
Rct3Mike's Vine set
Viscosity's Woodie Supports set
Vodhin's Gizmos set
Vodhin's Lighting Kit v2
Vodhin's Mill set
Vodhin's Stall Test
Vodhin's Strip Lights set
Weber's Animated Ride Event Doors
Weber's Miscellaneous Objects 2
Weber's Prison Walls set
Weber's Rusty Pipes set
Weber's Stone Creations Vol.1
wonders of Life building at epcot set
Yesnt's billboard set
Ynor9's Control Room set
Ynor9's Show Night set
Zoo Things Part 1
Zoo Things Part 2

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