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Thx's Assorted Parks Thread

Hi guys, this thread is kind of a highlights thread from a number of different parks I have been building the last five years.

One of my first decent parks was called "The Plaza," so named for the giant, glass indoor shopping mall that dominates the build.

(Don't forget to click on the pic and use the "zoom" function at the image host!)

[Image: kjkk.jpg]

Here is the mall, it has three indoor pools and a waterslide.

[Image: aggrgd.jpg]

[Image: kifht.jpg]

When I build a park, often it's really a community of sorts, with apartment buildings and restaurants and resorts...

Even a nightclub, here is the Trocadero.

[Image: bvgff.jpg]

There must be a thousand parts to that roof, it just went on and on..

[Image: juhyg.jpg]

Across the way from the Troc is The Blue Taj Cineplex... three screens, 600 seats and two concession bars, here it is with the lid off...

[Image: bvggf.jpg]

This theater was made to be as functional as possible, here is the finished building...

[Image: hhh.jpg]

[Image: kighthf.jpg]

Here is a Chinese restaurant I named "Pink Panda."

[Image: lijkh.jpg]

And if you look closely you can see a pink panda costumed barker out in front.^

[Image: agsgs.jpg]

Next post we'll take a look at some of the skyscrapers.

[Image: ggg.jpg]

Thx Smile
All I can do is repeat the post I left on another thread.

[Image: GHQByMb.jpg]
Very rad designs!!!! Biggrin
Thank you, glad you guys like what we have so far.

Here is an early custom scenery high-rise build, it might have been my first one.

[Image: njhbgv.jpg]

I ended up having to remove that building though, this park used to lock up at only 700 guests, so I started tearing things out.

[Image: kjiurf.jpg]

And in the same park we have one of the first all in-game scenery high-rise builds.

[Image: mkjiuy.jpg]

These three towers were my second all in-game project, I put them in my Manhattan build as well.

[Image: Shot0198.png]

This building was also a likely suspect in bogging the park down, there are a lot of custom pieces there!

[Image: mnjhuyg_cfd.jpg]

I called it the "Wedge."

[Image: mnjhg.jpg]

[Image: mnjhbbg.jpg]

Thx Smile
Just curious....What CS did you use for the tower by the pool (1st image), the high-rise (3rd image), and "The Wedge"???

Could you also spare some of your "Artistic/Creative" DNA? Apparently I was born without any. ROFL
Lol, the DNA I don't know about, but the CS is a set I use all the time: "NYR's Concrete Walls"


Great set, one I wish would have been included in the game!

[Image: jkilop.jpg]

Also, DasMatze's Office Day for the windows, glass doors and other great pieces!


[Image: jjfjfu.jpg]

You can't see it in a lot of the shots, but this waterfall-pool is at the base...

[Image: hgytgfrd.jpg]

[Image: klooi.jpg]

[Image: jhuygfvfd.jpg]

Thx Smile
I do like where this is headed, THX. I am really quite impressed with what you are showing us! Please continue with this; we need more of this on RCTgo. We do not have a lot of city-esque parks, so to have you on this is quite nice.

Good luck on your follies!
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This is really quite amazing!
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Thanks again you guys, glad you like what we have.

I took about two mo0nths and decided to go ahead and go through all the scenarios in platinum, how many are there, about 60?

And, I did manage to beat each one, except for the very last from the "Wild" package, that's the one that was a failed horse ranch and you must develop $2,500 a month in viewing gallery tickets... I put about ten different pens up, but it might take as many as twenty to generate that, I suppose one could shut them all down, build a few more and then turn them all on at the same time... maybe then get the $2,500.

(Btw.. does anyone know if you win anything for beating all the scenarios, maybe a special park? Just curious.)

But, here are a few shots from my favorite in-game scenario, "La-La Land... I call it "Hollywood Park."

Here is a shot fairly early in the build, just as it was starting to make big bucks.

[Image: hjjgkl_ol_l.jpg]

[Image: llkoiju.jpg]

[Image: Shot2574.jpg]

[Image: Shot2977.jpg]

Eventually I started putting in high-rise buildings...

[Image: jdsewsfg.jpg]

[Image: llkjujhy.jpg]

[Image: Shot3015.jpg]

Put a couple of pools in.

[Image: kkjhhygf.jpg]

[Image: Shot3002.jpg]

Thx Smile
This is really good!
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