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Help! Need Feedback

Hi. I am just starting to play around with scenery and everything. I was wondering if anyone could look at my roller coasters and inform me how I can improve them. Thanks!
I see that you are not the newest user here, but I will take this as your 'official' welcome. Welcome to the site, Robear! I have seen your builds, and I am ready to see more! If you have more questions, do not wait to ask us. We are all ears here, and on our Discord server which can be found here: https://discord.gg/xFfFsbG
Enjoy the site, Robear!

As for scenery/coaster improvements, first step is to try your best. If your best is not faring you too well, try searching up some images of real rides and amusement parks and get inspiration off of that. Doing so, plus a good amount of strive and effort will get you to improve, and fast, at that. You are not the worst builder on this site, nor are you the best, but if you put in enough effort, you will eventually get to those skyrocketed types of amazing. Good luck!
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Thanks Blaze!

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