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NoLimits 2 Unnamed B&M Hyper - newton2/WIP

wow... a NL2/newton2 project from me... great
sick and tired of load times in RCT3 and im pretty sure ive came up with every layout possible so here we go

not exactly a standard hyper layout, more of a giga, but hey its almost 2018 so b&m coulddo whatever i suppose. couple of airtime hills to start out the layout and then a lot of high banked/speed turns the rest of the way... pretty fun ride

[Image: FPHBXvy.png]
[Image: EsBA7c1.png]
[Image: s66ysNT.png]
heres the interesting element which still needs a bit of work done to it- speed going through is fine just needs some smoothing done
[Image: BNUUiYh.png]
[Image: bRDyVLW.png]

and a newton2 shot 
[Image: 5ZmqjiF.jpg]

hope to work on this more, forgot how much i enjoyed working in NL2....
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That layout looks really great! I am really interested to see where this project goes. We could have another epic NL2 content creator on our hands!
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Cool. I did not know you did nl2. It is the best Wink. I like that element. It looks like stuff I used to make in rct3, but survivable.
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