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Vote for your favorite track! Round 279

[Image: buildit.png]

Round 279 Voting

It's time for another round of voting for RCTgo's Build It! Competition. Four more great entries are up for voting - below are the name and screenshot of each. It's now time for you to vote for your favorite track!

Let's have a great round!

#1: Scopuli

[Image: 5a4d245bb1cdb.jpg]

#2: Enrico Dandolo's Voyage

[Image: 5a4e05d788b60.png]

#3: Mt. Egypt

[Image: 5a4edcaa95903.png]

#4: Orange Julius

[Image: 5a56f8ff9aeee.jpg]

Voting is now open!

Voting will remain open until Thursday, January 18
There should be no doubt in anyone's mind who is the winner. Scopuli is how you do it!

There was a lot of creativity this round, and these entries were not bad at all. Enrico Dandolo's Voyage is a very great entry if not one of the best RCT2 entries we've ever seen. The surroundings are so beautiful, but there's left more to be desired from the roller coaster as it almost feels like an afterthought. Not necessarily bad, but it's not a super cool coaster. It's a "ride once and done" type of ride. Great entry, though!

Mt. Egypt is great as well, but it doesn't have nearly the same quality as EDV has above, but it is still creative and it gets its point across well; another good entry.

Then we have Orange Julius which is decent. The layout is such a killer to this. I don't see very many roller coasters that do all of that. No double launches uphill, a chain lift, and many inversions that look like they could kill you. The video was well edited, and the plot was there, but it could have been executed far better. For your next entry, I'd take a look at a real life park and try to recreate a coaster from that park, not willy nilly "place this here, place that there....and autocomplete, go!"

Your scenery skills are not bad either, but it is mostly your layouts that hold you back from a win. Keep going, though. You're getting close to something really nice.

In the end, my vote went to Scopuli, easily, but that's mostly because of a quality difference. These other entries certainly are not bad, but Scopuli is the clear winner. Still, good luck to everyone in this round! May the best entry win!
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With Timberwolf, seven Build It! wins. Thanks for the votes, everyone!

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You can find a first raw edit of the ride "Scopuli" here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8X1G9Qo_KRg
im going with orange julius i like the creativity of the theme
(Jan 11, 2018, 11:44 PM)BlazingEmpireHD Wrote: The surroundings are so beautiful, but there's left more to be desired from the roller coaster as it almost feels like an afterthought. Not necessarily bad, but it's not a super cool coaster. It's a "ride once and done" type of ride. Great entry, though!

That's not true haha
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Looks like another really solid round! Here's my feedback:

Scopuli: A Short ride, but really well made that scenery and lighting are both top notch, though the are a few close calls with scenery hitting the cars and track. There's also a room on the ride where it looks as though you just made a box with black walls and put scenery on the floor, which takes away from immersion in the ride...making those stone or star walls instead of plain black would've been more effective, at least from my perspective. That said, still a really solid entry.

Dandolo's Voyage- The buildings that surround the ride represent some of the best 2D architecture I've ever seen, and the entire ride area is beautiful. However, ride itself isn't really anything special, a pretty standard bobsled surround by trees that doesn't expand upon the theming of the entire project. More developed buildings or scenery along the ride's course would make this a winner.

Mt. Egypt: Another great entry. The terrain working and theming do a great job of recreating an archaeological dig and there are so many small accents- the ruins in the ride plaza, the Hieroglyphic flower garden, etc. that make it a very cohesive and complete project. It doesn't have as much detail as something like Dandolo, though, some more buildings/development would be room for improvement.

Orange Julius: Though this entry has the best narrative and backstory in the round it's not a winner yet. For one, the greenhouse suffers from the same flaw I've seen in a ton of other indoor theme parks, where the building that houses the park is just a giant glass cube. Granted, greenhouses are glass, but without any supports inside to keep the building standing and with a minimalistic design it holds the project back. I'd also refrain from mixing in-game and CS supports. All things considered this is still not a bad entry and it clearly took a lot of effort. A more realistic layout and some tweaks to the scenery would definitely put it in contention.

I honestly don't know how I'm going to vote yet, torn between Mt. Egypt and Scopuli. It's about as evenly matched as last time.

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