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RCT2 Announcement: Improvisation Contest

Hello guys!

I am going to organize a small RCT2 contest, if some of you are interested. This will be the Improvisation Contest.

The idea of the contest is to give you a workbench or, in other words, a blank map with already selected objects and rides, which contains ugly scenery objects and rides. The task would be to make a beautiful park out of it. No reward will be given for the winner since I don't have any resource for it.

If I see many of you manifest an interest for the contest, I will make another thread with the rules and the deadline, so we could start it. No stress about it, it's just for fun! So, if you are interested by it, just comment below!  Biggrin

- Supra The Hedgehog -
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Contests are always fun. I need to have the time because H2H is the first priority ofcourse, but I'm down for it!
Can we make the workbench's reasonably small? A whole park is a big project
[Image: ZCL35lY.jpg]

It would likely be a small map rather than a full-sized park. Not micro-sized, but not overwhelmingly large for the length of the contest.

(maps can be resized when Sandbox Mode is enabled)
[Image: 7sFmb4x.jpg]
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(Mar 1, 2018, 01:30 AM)naveisawesome Wrote: Can we make the workbench's reasonably small? A whole park is a big project
I was thinking about setting the max size to 30x30, which I think is big enough, but not too small. The original bench size is 50x50.
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I like the idea, really. It would be cool to have something to second Build It around here. It would liven the site a bit!
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I know this thread is almost a year old but if this map exists  can you give a link to it? im curious to try it out and see what scenery it might have that I may not have already. Thanks

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