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Poll: should I upload more campaign parks as free builds?
This poll is closed.
Yes, make more.
4 66.67%
no, they won't be popular enough
2 33.33%
Total 6 vote(s) 100%
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should I make more in game scenarios as free builds?

If someone was falsely banned, I'm sure a moderator or Justin himself would look into it for you if you contact them about it.
I mean Katerina never did anything wrong. They just claimed she was an alternative account to vanellope.

I can promise you that Katerina never calls people "chump" and vanellope never ends her sentences with "meow meow"

I know vanellope and Katerina well and I know that while vanellope never should've posted copyrighted content, Katerina did nothing wrong
hm I've heard rumours however that it wasn't the email addresses but rather having the same IPs that got them banned together, but idk its just a rumour
[Image: ZCL35lY.jpg]

Anna, or Vanellope as we should probably have been calling you the entire time, we know you made the accounts with different emails because we can trace your IP. You even logged in and out repeatedly to argue with yourself before your Vanellope and Katerina accounts were banned.

We know it's you, stop the nonsense.
Team CoasterTech

Man, I wish I had three friends in my neighbourhood who were all into RCT and went to the same site to talk about it. Could really use their help in competitions and collabs.

As for scenarios, could really use a few more scenario makers around the block, surely. It's becoming a lost art in a mountain of sandbox creations. Besides Blazing there's not all that many people still making them. Is that what the poll is about?
Currently working on a fictional Italian non-park. Expected release date: Soon™

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I have no idea what’s going on. 😳
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This is an on going issue from 2017
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I'm basically turning the in built scenarios into sandbox parks. They've been getting quite a few downloads too with vanilla hills seeming to be the most popular
Here's a question. I know Prima isn't the most reliable when it comes to making guides, but allegedly, if you pop a career mode scenario into the sandbox mode, you're locked out of playing it in career mode.

Not sure if that's true or not, but assuming it is, how do the people who make free builds of the in-game scenarios get around that lock out?

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