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Parkitect New version of Thrillville Adventure Park

This is the start of the new version of Thrillville Adventure Park. This is not based on any game or if there is a park named in real life. I chose the name because I like it Smile am not done. The steel coaster wip is in this park as well. But I am not showing a picture of that here since I all ready showed that. All future screenshots will go in this thread. I have a lot more landscaping and detailing to do. Many more rides, shops, etc. I've made all of the buildings and no custom scenery (no mods) have been used.  https://youtu.be/AeU10-r_nZY

[Image: BP2Smja.jpg]

[Image: hf6H5gO.jpg]

[Image: dxBeLiD.jpg]

[Image: BxWZI7c.jpg]

[Image: zLr5iLz.jpg]
Beta 6 is now out and we got some new trees which I absolutely love. Also a new mini monorail ride, but I haven't put that in the park yet. I've made a few changes and have a lot of detailing to do. But here are some updates. I will be putting the steel coaster back in, just in a different place. This one shows the Wooden Coaster and other stuff around it.
[Image: VHwdnsE.jpg]

[Image: mKdWUYL.jpg]

[Image: bC0xZiU.jpg]

[Image: 3G7qiHI.jpg]

[Image: LKWNDkM.jpg]

I am going to be changing where the block brakes are and have an idea for the station building. Where the coaster is cut off I am going to be putting some filler in pieces (like cornice pieces suggested by Coasterpaul on Parkitect Discord) to help it look more finished. I am not using any mods so I am only using what is in the game.
Does parkitect have a POV camera?
This looks awesome, Elizabeth! Keep up the awesome work!
Resuming regularly scheduled programming!
Thanks Blaze and Princess Anna Of Arendelle no Parkitect does not have an in game POV but there is a mod available you can use. It's called the coaster cam.

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