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Problem with billboards

Correct me if I am wrong, In order to get a billboard showing what you want, it looks in your photo file.  Do you have to have a separate file within your photo file and if so what should it be called?
I believe there is a specific folder for billboards, either somewhere in your RCT3 Documents directory or the other RCT3 directory. The whole system is very finicky and I only remember getting it to work once or twice.
And a seventh rounds out the series. RCT 1, 2, and 3 complete, PC squared away, now for Parkitect and more 3D builds.

thanks Chris all help is greatly appreciated.


Chris, I checked and there isn't a file labeled billboards, anywhere in documents or Atari.
Chris: I created a file named documents and put it in RCT3 file and it is working now, I've got all the photos I need.  Thanks for the help.


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