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RCT3 Was the Water Splash ride improvement for the Wooden Coaster base game?

or was it part of Soaked! ?
I'm trying to upload a woodie I made and it has a couple Water Splashes but I can't remember if it was in the base game or not (I've always played with Soaked! and Wild! included) I just want to make sure so I can set it as the right version of the game because everything else I'm pretty sure is from the base game
I have soaked and wild installed on my computer. The in game wooden coaster I have installed dose have a water splash piece.
The water splash element for woodies is indeed part of the base game if I am remembering correctly.
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Water splashes have been available on wooden coasters since RCT1. They aren't new to Soaked or even to the RCT3 base game.
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Alright yeah that's what I figured
thanks for the help! Smile
The little amount of time I played RCT3, the woodies had water splashes. Smile
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