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RCT3 How to import scenarios?

Sorry if this is kind of a stupid question. I looked for an FAQ and didn't see one. I just found this community and wanted to see all the cool things you guys are making, however, I don't know where to save the files in order to play them. I have RTC3 Platinum which is Soaked and Wild. 

The Files I see in RollerCoaster Tycoon
Hi, and welcome.

The directory you have pulled up is where you'd place any custom content you download (CTR's - custom tracked rides - CFR's - custom flat rides - CS - custom scenery - etc.), where you want to go is to the RCT3 Platinum folder that is located under: "My Documents" (or just "Documents"). In there you should find folders for both 'Scenarios' and 'Parks', if you place a .dat folder in 'Scenarios' you'll be able to open it in the scenario editor, and if you place it in 'Parks' you can open it in Sandbox. Files from both folders can be copied and pasted between the two.
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