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RCT2 beach area and boardwalk on rc&f server (orct2)

i used to belong to the tycoon paradise server (formerly whiskey station) and when that went under i had no idea what was gonna happen next i stopped playing for awhile and decided to check if anyone else had a similar group, lo and behold there was lol so this is my first area on there, im a bit rusty and i dont have a lot of experience building buildings with ncso but i gave it my best shot, anyway here it is, ignore the area behind mine, its an ffa server and its not technically supposed to be a cohesive park

oof forgot to post the rest of the screenshots on the post

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First, welcome back! It's been a while but it's great to see more work from you, the Woodie looks great.
Team CoasterTech

Welcome back! Nice stuff, and you have some talent. I hope you do something with the feedback received on NE.

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