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Who Still Plays RCT3 in 2019?

The waterfalls and fireworks are fenomenal, yeah.
But the textures suck unless you play the game with the options set on the best quality.
I'm a bit sceptical. It used to be a good game, because it was new and the community was much bigger than the rct2 one (openrct and PC didn't exist so there was no other good working themepark game).
I still like to see some work though. People can make good things with rct3 for sure. You won't see playing the game but I'll always be happy to see new projects coming.
I also do as well! I’m trying to make a Just Dance 2018 Theme Park at the moment, but everytime i load it up, it shuts down RCT3.
I don't really anymore but avocado do I miss those days, 2013-2015... the golden age of the RCT community
I need a new signature.

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