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Poll: Vote for your favorite park
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Maple Hills Family Fun Park
0 0%
Sea World Barcelona
4 100.00%
Total 4 vote(s) 100%
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ROUND 2 MATCH 1 - Bracketeers vs Bumbly Beachboys

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Maple Hills Family Fun Park by The Bracketeers


Sea World Barcelona by The Bumbly Beachboys

Do not vote until you have downloaded and viewed both parks in-game!

Remember: If your team's park is in this poll, your vote will not be counted
[Image: 7sFmb4x.jpg]
¡Viva Mexico!
Nice entry guys, simple but charming. The entrance area is nice, and I love the dodgem facade
Wow Bumbly Beachboys you nailed this, amazing use of space and every ride/attraction is just so well done. I started to list highlights and then realized I was just describing everything in the park. Awesome!
maple hills: a pleasant little park. quaint but with a few nice details, particularly the train and slide. good job!

seaworld: this is a really fantastic park. Great detailing and use of space with the park layout- you fit in a lot of the essential rides and bulidings without feeling cramped or weird. both stadiums are fantastic in detailing and vibrancy. journey and batman the ride 2 are also very well done, maybe the best journey I've seen in rct actually. good orange!
It's a shame Maple Hills isn't getting more attention - this is a really lovely park. The overall layout is very pleasant, and the colors chosen for the buildings and trees are nice. I particularly like the Slipway Sliders ride. Very cleverly done. The midway games and flatrides were also a highlight for me. Very cleanly done. I'm not a huge fan of the yellow hats on everyone though. Favorite things on this map are the Storytime Stage, and the little hanging plants behind the green and blue buildings in the middle of the park.

Great work overall!

Bumbly Beachboys!

Maple Hills Family Fun Park was built by mamarillas (97%), ][ntamin22 (3%).

Sea World Barcelona was built by Cities (60%), henkert (20%), Mattk48 (10%), MK98 (5%), Bubbsy41 (5%).
[Image: 7sFmb4x.jpg]
¡Viva Mexico!
Very nice, congratulations!

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